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Our Products & Services

Enabling insightful decisions

No matter what your application, we provide services to help you think about your process, machine or equipment in a new way. Our goal is to help you reduce complexity in your process, minimize risk and keep your operations up and running, reliably and safely.

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Our Services

Enhanced Health, Safety and Environment Practices

  • Sensors to detect and alert of hazardous conditions.

  • End to end engineered solutions, including automation, data storage, connectivity and providing actionable insights.

  • Consulting services around Environmental, Sustainability & Governance (ESG) implications

Optimize performance and minimize costs

  • Enable predictive maintenance strategy to address known sources of failure and performance degradation without driving up costs.

  • Simplify complex processes and narrow down factors that affect desired outcomes.

  • Eliminate sources of waste using lean and six sigma principles and reduce labor and material costs.

Maximize Output

  • Meet production goals with fewer unplanned disruptions.

  • Loss prevention and informed maintenance strategiesProactive and condition based reliability programs

Deeper Operational Insight

  • Enable organization nimbleness to minimize risk and seize opportunities through insight and confident decision making.

  • Quickly identify trends and root causes using advanced analytics, data mining and visualization.

Improve Root Cause Analysis

  • Quickly and accurately identify root causes using advanced analytics, data mining and data visualization to detect hidden patterns.
  • Statistical analysis and hypothesis testing to simplify complex correlation of variables in the process.
  • Comprehensive studies of Failure modes effects and analysis (FMEA), Design of Experiments (DoE), Gauge Repeatability & Reproducibility (Gauge R&R) studies among other tools to determine root cause. 

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